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We are located in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, where we handcraft authentic fishing lures into Allurings earrings. And, Allurings offers FREE shipping on all orders within the United States.

Fun and fashion conscious gals & guys who love fishing, boating and beaching are lured to our unique earrings. We use hypo-allergenic gold and silver plated fishook earwire findings. We hope you enjoy browsing our products and choosing from the large selection of colors and shapes that are available. New styles and colors are always being added.

INDIVIDUALITY - it's a wonderful thing! In a world of so much mass production, our individuality sets us apart. Our own personal tastes are what make us special. Accessorizing with jewelry is a great way to express ourselves and we believe that our jewelry should be as unique as we are.


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Allurings - South Florida Adventures (Blog) - 4/15/2010
REVIEW: Reprinted from "South Florida Adventures" blog...
by: Gator D (aka Dwight Locke)

Hey guys, check out the new link to "ALLURINGS". I met these ladies back a couple of years ago when I managed a Ship Store at a local marina and fell in love with their concept for earrings.

I think these things are so cool and these ladies are doing a good job with them. Check them out and be the first in your area to wear "Allurings". They are beautiful pieces of art and primarily are made from FISHING LURE parts! GO FIGURE! Sonja has a few pair and every time she wears them she gets a lot of comments about them.

Bait Box Couture - 4/8/2010
REVIEW: Reprinted from the Fort Myers News Press...

Redefining our definition of (what is) jewelry, Fort Myers Beach residents Susan Theisen and Mary Ellen Wood create earrings out of fishing lures.

"The long ones, my favorite, are called 'Willows.' Mary Ellen's are the tomahawk and banjo shapes. I also favor the baitfish." Susan wrote in an email, asking if Tropicalia readers would like 'Allurings.' At our front door a few days later, we found a bag containing more than a dozen tiny parcels of glitz -- 13 pairs of "Allurings" earrings. As we took them apart to admire and photograph them, they shined, glistened and enticed. Those poor fish never have a chance, once they see these sparklers, we thought.